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New York hosts many industries. The center of large enterprises is Long Island. All of them need a reliable IT service provider. Computero Inc. provides professional solutions in the field of information technologies that allow small and medium-sized enterprises to work efficiently. Read more about it on

A wide selection of services

Queens-headquartered Computero provides the Internet and virtualization (a technology that allows you to run several operating systems on one physical server), configures the data center/server, installs hardware/software, etc.

Remote management of desktops on enterprise computers allows Computero specialists to promptly provide IT support. Remote assistance solves the problem of taking a long time to get specialists to company premises to solve computer problems. In addition, you can order a telephone system management service here.

Computero provides cloud hosting to securely manage applications and corporate data in a private cloud. Installation of a firewall is also available. In computer networks, a firewall detects and blocks traffic based on predefined or dynamic rules.

Computero provides the proper IT infrastructure, such as cables, power lines, modem, router, firewall, switch, switchboard, working phone system, servers, printers and other devices. Before that, experts carefully analyze the current IT infrastructure and office premises to create the best possible plan for the business.

Computero specialists also repair or completely replace computers and other important information technology infrastructure. First, technicians determine whether the IT infrastructure problem is related to hardware or software. Qualified computer support professionals test all hardware, software and network. Based on the diagnosis, they offer solutions and estimate the cost of repairs.

If your company is just launching or you want to upgrade your old devices, it is important to choose the right equipment. Finding hardware and software for small and medium-sized businesses can be expensive and time-consuming. That is why Computero specialists offer to take responsibility for this complex process. All programs will be configured to promote optimal performance.

Local IT professionals and sales staff understand that hardware requirements can vary by industry, business size and needs. They are well-versed in different types of PCs, servers and other devices. Here, the equipment is guaranteed to work at its best with monitoring services. Technicians also monitor for potential issues, such as low disk space.

In addition, Computero takes care of updating all the programs running on the computer. They are designed to improve, stabilize and protect them. Updates are especially important for the operating system. As a leading IT services company, Computero also provides wireless network monitoring to ensure it continues to function properly.

Quick response and help desk

Even the most reliable servers, systems and applications sometimes fail. That is why Computero has created a rapid response team. The company’s experts can monitor customers’ systems 24/7 and automatically alert a rapid response team to resolve issues. This team sets Computero apart from other managed IT service providers.

In addition, Computero has a help desk. Technical specialists have enough experience to assist businesses and their employees with information. They often solve problems remotely by gaining virtual access to devices. In addition, provision of step-by-step instructions for solving this or that problem is available. Experienced specialists of Computero are always ready to answer the priority questions of customers and promptly solve technological problems. Specialists in New York help both remotely and directly on site.

Guarantor of cyber security

It is important not only to establish a network but also to keep it secure. Almost no computer system is immune to cyber-attacks. One of the most common threats is ransomware. This malware locks a device or encrypts the content on it. The attackers demand money to restore access. Such programs may even have a built-in timer with a pre-programmed ransom payment deadline. If the ransom is not paid within the specified time, the hackers raise the price or block the device.

Cyber threats also include computer viruses and natural disasters that can damage a system. All of them, especially ransomware, are becoming even more dangerous with the development of technology and artificial intelligence.

Therefore, Computero’s IT specialists use modern security methods to identify and eliminate network vulnerabilities, keeping all data safe. Computero offers complete monitoring of networks, servers, switches and applications. The company monitors hardware and software, workstations and mobile devices, ensuring maximum productivity. Server management enables uninterrupted operation and increases the service life of server equipment to maximize the return on investment in infrastructure.

Computero employees monitor computer systems 24/7. If the specialist notices that the client’s devices or applications are not working at optimal performance, the business owners will be notified.

In May 2017, a massive ransomware attack known as WannaCry took place across the world. Then, a computer virus hit the Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting files. It attacked government and commercial institutions and private individuals’ computers were also affected. In total, hackers attacked more than 500,000 computers in 150 countries that May. The ransom demand was translated into 28 languages. The British National Cyber Security Center blamed North Korea for the attack.

Clients from various industries

Computero provides the highest quality IT support to clients in Queens and throughout New York. Among them are representatives of various fields, including legal, non-commercial, transport, engineering, architecture, accounting, finance, health care, manufacturing, etc. Most of them are located on Long Island.

The company has already worked with many small and medium-sized businesses to physically install and configure hardware such as servers, computers, printers and phone systems. In addition, IT professionals have provided them with reliable professional solutions for networks, programs, applications and more.

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