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The rapid development of technologies requires trustworthy and innovative software development companies. This means different types of programs for work with computers and related devices. Whether you’re a startup, small or large company, finding the proper partner is crucial for achieving your goals. A list of the best such companies located in Queens is presented on

The Digi Tech Resource Group, LLC

The Digi Tech Resource Group has been providing a full range of services to businesses in Queens and across the US since 2010. The company helps to create software and mobile apps for Windows, Android and iOS. Other services include web design, digital marketing, animation, 3D development and branding. The agency’s clients include businesses from various sectors such as banking and finance, health and fitness, sports and entertainment, property management, etc.

Software is developed not according to a template but for each client individually. Professional developers use the latest technologies to create reliable solutions that optimize the activities of the company. Websites created by The Digi Tech Resource Group are reliable and easy to use. Web design services go beyond aesthetics. The main focus is on-site functionality and responsiveness.

R K Software, Inc.

R K Software, Inc. has been creating software for the private and public sectors since 1999. The company’s clients are banks, providers of electronic educational services, mobile technologies and healthcare institutions. In addition, they offer software modernization and support for corporate programs. Microsoft, IBM and Google are certified partners of R K Software, Inc.

Monitoring and maintenance are part of the project work. Based on reports and input, R K Software, Inc. performs updates and maintenance on an ongoing basis. With the help of documentation, website analysis and other vital sources, a list of all the client’s requirements is compiled to create an effective plan. This step helps meet the technological expectations of customers and achieve success.

Rapidsoft Technologies

Rapidsoft Technologies has been creating software for the transportation industry since 2006. It can be used for enterprise resource planning, transportation tracking, fleet, truck and warehouse management. In addition, the company takes care of the maintenance of developed applications and their modernization.

SK IT Solution BD

SK IT Solution BD has been providing business solutions to both online and offline clients in Queens since 2017. The company’s specialists not only create software but also skillfully convert websites into applications for Android and iPhone and create programs for electronic marketing and management of educational institutions. In addition, they offer digital marketing, SEO consulting, content writing, graphic design and web development.

Netlynx Inc.

Netlynx Inc. has been serving clients in Queens and surrounding areas since 2007. The software created by the company is easy to use. An experienced team uses tools and technologies such as Microsoft.Net, Core PHP and JavaScript. It works with more than 2,500 clients from a variety of industries, including real estate, banking and healthcare. Partners of Netlynx Inc. is a Google corporation and an accredited Design Rush agency.

Provider of complex web solutions Netlynx Inc. received numerous awards for the software created for clients from various regions. They mainly work with small and medium-sized companies, helping them reach a new level thanks to technological requirements. In addition to the creation of software, a wide range of IT solutions is available, such as the design and creation of websites, their maintenance and updating, development of e-commerce and web portals, creation of mobile apps, branding, web advertising, including SEO, SMM, PPC, etc.

DigiPrima Technologies

DigiPrima develops software for finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail and e-commerce businesses. DigiPrima is a certified partner of Microsoft Corporation and its Azure cloud platform.

The company also works with AI and machine learning, developing IoT applications. DigiPrima takes a customer-centric approach. The company guarantees the provision of high-quality technological solutions adapted to individual needs.


DOOR3 is an independent company operating since 2002. It also offers technology consulting, adding user interaction features to websites and technology upgrades. The company has completed projects for such clients as the New Jersey Institute of Technology, AIG Insurance and the perfume and cosmetics brand Elizabeth Arden.

DOOR3 modernizes and technologically develops enterprises. The company’s goal is to provide clients with expert advice and create software that is vital for businesses to thrive and attract a wide audience.

U S Software Inc.

U S Software Inc. is a technology consulting company specializing in providing strategic solutions. It is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, as well as different industries and educational organizations. The company provides various services that meet the technological needs of the clients.

In addition to software development, web hosting services are provided here, as well as the creation of websites and apps for IOS and Android; electronic commerce; supply and repair of computers, etc. The company strives to meet the needs of its customers as much as possible by selling high-quality business solutions and offering the most attentive, courteous and personalized service. U S Software Inc. is a certified partner of Microsoft Corporation.

Driven by creativity and a passion for progress, U S Software Inc. is constantly improving and introducing new ideas and technologies. The company’s goal is to help clients fully realize their potential. They don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so the IT strategy of U S Software Inc. is always unique.

Izla Technologies

Izla Technologies provides a full range of IT services. It is based on data and technology supported by strategic thinkers, creative designers, content creators and innovative technologists. IZLA Technologies is result-oriented and the software it creates fully meets the client’s expectations while coping with the competitive market.

Izla Technologies also focuses on website development. A dedicated team of web designers and developers work round the clock to create a website for your business. The company integrates various buttons and tabs on the website for the best viewing experience. In addition, Izla Technologies develops scalable web applications using dynamic technologies and adhering to industry standards. The user interface provides excellent consumer communication.

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